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During the current COVID-19 crisis supporting mental health is more important than ever. The physical distancing requirements make meeting face to face impractical. Therefore, I offer secure, encrypted and confidential Video and Telephone sessions for Individual and Couples therapy in Ontario.

Most people are surprised by how easy, personal and safe it feels to do therapy from  their own environment. 

We know that being alone can be traumatizing. We also know what is traumatizing to one person is not necessarily traumatizing to another. And yet, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect, self-reliant, and invulnerable. But this goes against our very human nature. There is no shame in turning to someone for help. In fact, it is a sign of resourcefulness.

Call 416.769.6810 to book a free 20-minute phone check-in to see if this is a good fit for you.

Individual, Couple & Family Therapist in Toronto, Ontario

Client issues we work with include:
Marriage Issues • Depression • Anxiety & Stress • Self-Esteem  • Anger • Career Dissatisfaction • Loneliness • Grief & Loss • Existential issues

Ganga Daryanani, RSW is a Registered Social Worker and has practiced Psychotherapy and Counselling for individuals and couples for over 30 years.  She guides her clients through difficult times with expertise, wisdom and compassion by being deeply empathetic, perceptive, present and non-judgemental.  Her support and training helps clients to proceed, at their own pace, toward new opportunities for personal growth and professional effectiveness.  Her driving motivation is to empower people to move forward.  She is dedicated to emotional healing and to helping her clients find solutions.  She helps you see effective results by helping you to get in touch with your deeper emotions.

Ganga’s Approach

Psychotherapy seeks to uncover the underlying causes of the difficulties we experience.
Ganga Daryanani, RSW has seen that the key to resolving problems is to unearth the underlying reasons for repetitive patterns of behaviour. Dissolving old patterns opens exciting new possibilities for peace and balance.

Her individual, couple, and family therapy process recognizes that your needs are complex and so are the forces that drive them. It promotes a delicate balance, which guides body, mind, and spirit to function in harmony (a holistic approach). Coaching is an ongoing process of exploration, encouragement and accountability that helps you achieve and manage your personal and professional goals in a focused and satisfying way.

Hands, Individual Therapist in Toronto, ON    Couple Therapist in Toronto, ON    Couple, Individual Therapist in Toronto, ON


• Reduce stress                                    • Serenity

• Restore balance                                 • Self-confidence

• Overcome fear                                    • Harmony in relationships

• Achieve perspective                            • Career satisfaction

Contact us today for a complimentary 15 minutes initial consultation or to schedule your appointment regarding any personal issue. Individual, Couple and Family counselling.

Telephone and video counselling is available for both local and long distance clients who are unable to come in person.

Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch. 
Servicing: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, High Park, Swansea ON

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